Monday, April 27, 2015

Glitter Glue "Batik" Beach Bag

Use Elmer's Glitter Glue* to draw design** onto white duck cloth.  Let dry overnight.

Paint over and around glue with slightly diluted acrylic paints.  Let dry overnight.

Soak glue off for 3-6 hours in warm water in the bathtub.

Heat set the design by placing it in the dryer for 30 minutes, or until dry.

To assemble bag, follow instructions on

Use paracord for bag drawstring/straps.

*Glitter Glue dries faster than gel glue, and doesn't run and spread like the Elmer's blue gel glue.

**Design for whale image borrowed from Underwater Friends Fish Panel fabric on

**Design for jellyfish image borrowed from Anna Dunlap's archival print at

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pajama Frog - PJs holder and cuddly pillow

Pajama Frog – PJs holder and cuddly pillow

The Pajama Frog is basically a backpack in which only the front zippered pocket is accessible.  The larger portion of the backpack is stuffed with poly-fill and sewn shut.

Anti-pill fleece makes it cuddly and washable; PJs pocket makes it functional; frog eyes and legs make it silly-cute.

You will need:

30” x 60” of green anti-pill fleece
10” x 12” of yellow anti-pill fleece
Small scraps of black and white fleece for eyes
30" x 32” contrasting fabric for pocket 
12” zipper
18” x 21” of quilt batting, for added padding, if desired

1.  Make frog eyes, legs, and optional handle.

Press under ¼” of notched edge of eyelid.

Top-stitch eyelid to white eyeball circle, aligning raw edges.

Stitch black eye to white eyeball circle.

With right sides together, using 3/8" seam allowance, stitch back of eye (solid green circle) to white eyeball, leaving 1-2” open at bottom for turning.

Turn right side out; stuff with poly-fill, leaving stuffing sticking out of hole, for stability, to keep eyes from flopping around too much after you attach them to the backpack.

Stitch circular yellow “toe pads” to front legs.

With right sides together, using 3/8" seam allowance, stitch solid green leg/foot section leg/foot section with yellow toe pads, leaving one side of leg open.  Clip notch between toes; trim curves around toes.

Turn right side out.  Stuff toes with poly-fill.  Handstitch open side of leg.  Stuff the rest of the leg.

With right sides together, using 3/8" seam allowance, stitch two leg pieces together around the curved edges, leaving straight side open for turning.  Turn right side out.  Stuff with poly-fill.  Stitch straight edge closed, using 5/8” seam allowance.

HANDLE (optional)
Using a 10" x 4" strip of fabric, fold long edges in toward center; press.  Fold in half lengthwise; press again.  Top-stitch close to long edge.

2.  Assemble

If using quilt batting for extra padding, sew quilt batting to wrong side of upper front and lower front. 

Press under ¼” on rounded edge of frog’s belly.  

Pin belly to right side of lower front, aligning straight edge of belly with bottom edge of lower front, matching centers.  Top-stitch along curved edge of belly.

Pin front legs over belly at curved edge.  Stitch with zig-zag stitch.
Pin closed zipper, face down, to upper edge of lower front (outside of fabric), with zipper tape about ¼” from upper edge.  Place zipper tab 5/8" from raw edge.  

Machine baste zipper in place, ½” from fabric edge.

Pin Pocket 1 to upper edge of lower front, over zipper.


With zipper foot, stitch ½” from raw edge.  

Turn pocket 1 to inside; press; top stitch lower front close to upper edge.

(Pocket 2 is just like Pocket 1, except that you are stitching the other side of the zipper.)
Pin other side of zipper to bottom edge of upper front, with zipper face down and zipper tape ¼” from lower edge.  Baste zipper in place, ½” from fabric edge. 

Pin Pocket 2 to bottom edge of upper front, over zipper.  Stitch, using zipper foot, ½” from raw edge.  Turn pocket to inside; press; top stitch.

As you can see, Pocket 1 and Pocket 2 can be cut from any fabric (here, a scrap of green I had on hand).  Back pocket is cut from a pink polka-dot fat quarter, because it shows when the frog's mouth is open.

With zipper closed, pin pocket back to upper and lower front, matching centers and raw edges.  The right side of the pocket back fabric faces the pocket front.
Now you are attaching all layers of front together:  the outside fleece, the front pockets, and the pocket back.  Baste, using 3/8” seam allowance.

With right sides together, stitch upper gusset to lower gusset, using 5/8" seam allowance.

Pin gusset to front, matching top and bottom centers of gusset to top and bottom centers of front.  Stitch, using 5/8" seam allowance.

Stitch handle to back on the outside at placement mark.

Pin back legs to back piece, raw edges even, using pattern placement markings.  Baste, sewing along straight edge of leg piece, using 5/8" seam allowance.

Pin eyes to back, raw edges even, green backs of eyes against outside of back (the side with the handle).  Baste eyes to back.

Pin gusset to back, right sides together, matching centers, using 5/8" seam allowance.  Stitch, leaving 5” opening at bottom (large enough to get your hand in) for turning and stuffing.

Turn backpack right side out.  Stuff with poly-fill.  Hand stitch bottom opening closed.

Frog is ready to cuddle and hold PJs.