Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sew fleece-lined high-top slippers with just two pattern pieces

This fairly simple bootie pattern appeared on  I edited the intructions to clear up confusion in step 3 and added some other instructive details to help avoid common mistakes.
Click here for the pattern for these booties in size 7-8 (child). 
Click here for pattern in size 11-12 (child).

Using the shoe pattern, cut 4 pieces of outer fabric, 4 pieces of lining fabric, and 4 pieces of batting.  Using the sole pattern, cut 2 pieces of lining fabric, 2 pieces of batting, and 2 pieces of a non-slip gripper fabric, such as Dritz Anti-skid Gripper Fabric for Pajamas and Slippers.

If you can't find anti-skid fabric, cut 2 pieces of some other fabric and--when the slippers are completed--apply hot glue to create anti-skid "treads" on the bottom of the slippers (as shown on

Transfer the "A" and "B" marks from the pattern to your fabric (both outer fabric and lining).

Mark the center of the sole fabric at the toe with a large dot.  Mark the center of the sole fabric at the heel with a different color dot (or an X).  You want to distinguish the toe from the heel, so you don't sew the sole on upside down.

All seam allowances are 3/8".

Follow the eight steps below, and you'll have soft, warm slippers in no time.

1.  Quilt the outer fabric and the batting together.

Lay the fabric on the batting, and with the right side of fabric facing up, stitch vertically, horizontally, or any way you want.  If the fabric has a pattern, you could stitch along the lines of the pattern.

2. Stitch the shoe pieces of the outer fabric right sides together along the back seam.  Do the same with the shoe lining pieces.

Open out the outer fabric pieces and the lining pieces.

Wrong side of outer fabric, opened out.

Wrong side of lining fabric, opened out

3.  With right sides together and seams aligned, stitch together outer shoe and lining from mark A, upward, across the top of the bootie, and down to mark A on the other side.  Backstitch several times at both of the "A" points.

4.  Bring the outer pieces right sides together (keeping lining pieces out of your way), and stitch together from mark A to mark B, at the toe of the bootie.  Do the same with the lining pieces.  Backstitch several times at the A points.

5.  For the sole, lay fabric pieces together, wrong sides facing, with the anti-skid fabric on bottom, batting in the middle, and lining fabric on top.  Stitch all three layers together around outer edges.

(As you can see, the lining fabric for this slipper sole matches the outer fabric.)

6.  Pin sole to shoe.  Match toe seam of shoe to large dot on sole.  Match heel seam of shoe to different-colored dot (or X) on sole.  Make sure right sides are facing:  the anti-skid fabric of the sole is facing the outer fabric of the shoe.  Stitch all the way around.

7.  Trim seam.  Finish edges of seam allowance with zig-zag stitching.

8.  Turn slipper right side out.

Make the second shoe in the same manner.  Soft, warm high-top slippers are ready to wear.

Spelling tip of the day:  The word "separate" is often misspelled as "sepErate."   Just remember, there's "a rat" in sepARATe. 

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