Monday, December 15, 2014

Towel hangers: update on an old favorite

Towel hangers keep your kitchen towels from falling off the towel rod, and keep little hands from pulling towels off the oven door handle.  You've seen them crocheted or sewn on with a button.  This updated version is my own design.  It's easy to make, reversible, requires no buttons or buttonholes, and looks attractive.

Make some for the bathroom hand towels, too.

Here's how.

Cut a right angled "V" from the 8-1/2" corner of a piece of cardstock.

Use a disappearing ink pen to outline the pattern

Use the pattern to cut two V-shaped pieces of coordinating fabric.

Stitch the two "V" pieces, right sides together, 3/8" seam allowance, leaving the inner notch of the V open for turning

Clip corners and turn the V right side out.

Use a wooden stick to push corners out.
Clip the inner V about 1/4".
 Press under the inner seam allowance that you left open for turning.

Topstitch the inside of the V (or topstitch ALL sides of the V, if you prefer).
Pin the finished V to the towel.  Pleat the section of the towel between the two "legs" of the V.

Stitch through all thicknesses of pleated towel and V fabric.  Stitch again over pleats.

You are ready to hang your towel.

Insert the V fabric of the towel behind the towel rod.  It doesn't matter which side, because it's reversible.

Insert the other end of the towel into the triangle where the V is sewn to the towel edge.

Pull the towel down.

Make a matching pocket potholder and give as gifts.  Click here for pocket potholder instructions

Grammar tip of the day:  Their belongs to them.  There tells where.  They're not interchangeable.

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